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Currently accepting applications for July 15, 2023 to June 30, 2024


  1. Please fill up the application form on this page.
  2. A printable page with your application information will be generated. Print this page and note your applicant ID.
  3. Refer your guarantor to the guarantor's form (linked).
  4. Turn in all forms to the front desk with a $30.00 application fee.
  5. fields marked with * are required fields.
  6. Group applications: Please ensure everyone in your party submits an application. Submit your forms together in an envelope.

Your social security number, driver's license number and guarantor's social security number are not stored in our database. These are stored only in session variables in your browser and are deleted once you close your browser. We need this information to generate the print-out on the next step.

Returning tenants

Enter your previous applicant ID and last name to prefill the fields.

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Lease period

If subleaseing, enter the exact move-in and move-out dates.

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Units Selection

Mansion 1 Floor Plans
3025 Mansion Floor Plans
Rank the units you are interested in. 1 is top priority. 8 is least priority. 0 is not interested. Choose only from one building. If you are also interested in another building, you will need to submit another form.*

3025 Mansion

2-bed 2-bath C-type:
2-bed 2-bath D-type:
3-bed 2-bath:
4-bed 4-bath:
4-bed 4.5 bath:
7-bed 4.5-bath:
5-bed 4-bath:

Mansion 1

4-bed+mezzanine 3.5-bath A-type:
4-bed+mezzanine 3.5-bath B-type:

Basic Information

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Permanent Address

Your safety deposit checks will be mailed to this address

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Current Employment

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Contacts and References

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Reference 2

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Required if you will apply for parking.


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Other Items


Do you have a pet?* yes no
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Did you go to USC housing before coming to us?* yes no
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How did you hear about us?*

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments, if any:

Roommate Matching

If you would like us to match you with a roommate, gender is required and all other fields are optional. Otherwise, none of these fields are required. This section may be used only for matching you with roommates and will in no way impact your application decision.

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